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FanPro ( 2016 season Available )

FanPro Screenshot

... is the Game Analysis program that works with all the major video systems. We work with you to develop exactly the reports you want. You learn how to create and maintain your reports. You can enter game data in FanPro and transfer it to your video system; or enter it in your video system and transfer it to FanPro. We encourage you to download a demo of FanPro. It is fully operational. (We overlay the word demo on the printed reports.) We’ll help you create your first reports and you will know before you purchase that we can meet your needs. You will also experience our incredible customer support. FanPro has all the report types: tabular, business graphs, hits charts, and specialty reports like the Richt Run & Pass Charts and the Cosgrove and Kish Charts.

We offer unlimited telephone support Sunday – Friday from 8:00AM to 10:00PM Central time. (That’s right; you can get a questioned answered on Sunday!!!!)



FootballAnalysis (2016 season Beta Test Available)

... the future in Game Analysis is provided by FootballAnalysis.  The program is packaged for three levels of users.  The "Standard" version only requires data import from a csv file from hdl or any other video system.  You may also enter data via the editor within the program.  There are dozens of reports to choose from.  Select your set of reports and generate them.  You will create a web page for each report and a special "Report Access" page provides a link to every report. They will popup in your default browser.  The "Advanced" version has all of the features the "Standard" version plus provides you with the tool to create your own reports.  Finally, the "Professional" version adds 'Hits Chart' reports and the tool to generate formation drawings for the reports.

Tentative pricing is $40, $60, and $80 for each side of the ball: Offense (scout your opponent's defense), Offense Self (scout your offense from a defensive perspective), Defense (scout your oppenent's offense), Defense Self (scout your defense from an offensive perspective), and Special Team. (Help us define the reports by telling us what you need.)  You acquire only what you need at the level you need.

Sample HTML Reports

The following reports demonstrates how you will be able to place your weekly reports on your website and coaches and players can view them with their iPads or other tablet devices, any computer, and even their cell phones.

Sample Set