Assistant Software Coach created a game analysis tool for the University of Illinois in 1988.  By 1994 Southern Illinois, Temple, and Ohio State were using the program as well.  Beginning in 1995 FanPro was marketed to all FCS and BCS teams.  FanPro was retired after the 2016 season with FootballAnalysis replacing it.

We have worked with football coaches for 28 seasons and learned from them what they need from our reports to do their job.  The first thing we learned was that coaches use different terminology to mean the same thing.  So FanPro, and now FootballAnalysis, allow coaches to fill in the game data with any terminology.  Next we learned that coaches want to view game data in the format that they like.  So FanPro, and now FootballAnalysis, have various report formats to satisfy each coach.  Finally we learned that coaches don't typically have time to create their own reports and that is why we will gladly create the reports for you.  These reports become a part of release so other coaches can benefit from your ideas.

New Product

In 2014 we decided to create FootballAnalysis to replace FanPro.  Our first decision was to start and not use any portion of FanPro.  The two overriding goals were simplicity and report presentation.  Simplicity for FootballAnalysis means a one time 15 minute setup and then each week import game data and generate reports.  Report presentation is a major advancement: each report is a web page.  No more printed reports and no report layouts limited to a printer page size.  We can now market to all high school and college teams.

The use of web pages has several advantages. First, your players will be able to view them on any device with the browser of their choice including their smart phone.  Second, uploading the reports to a web site instantly provides everyone with the latest version.  Finally, no more printing reports and distributing all those copies.


In our opinion every high school and college football team should be able to acquire quality game analysis software.  Therefore, we license our standard product for only $40.  If your organization needs financial assistance we will consider donating the program.